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Our Story

Little Fork Ranch is owned and operated by us, the Moes family. Eric and Karis have three kids- Andrew (9), Georgia (7), and Simon (4). 

Karis is a full-time teacher (she makes the money!) and Eric is full-time on the ranch .... (working hard spending the money!). It came as a complete surprise, but Eric quickly fell in love with the business side of ranching and  discovered a passion for entrepreneurship in general. 


After an unsuccessful yet positive experience attempting to build a rancher-owned local meat processing cooperative, Eric and Karis become convinced Little Fork Ranch needed to find a partner operation in order to grow.  That partner quickly emerged in the form of Grassland Grazers (Matt and Erin) and the two operations began to share meat distribution and later a sheep enterprise.  This partnership has recently taken the form of Triple L Ranch (website coming soon) which allows for the expansion of our cattle enterprise. Eric has recently completed an MBA from the University of Guelph, and when he is not too busy chasing cows, consults for ranchers and small-business owners. 

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