We weren't always farmers...

It started out as an idea. An idea that we wanted to do things differently, to live differently. We wanted more for our family. We had a desire to be more self-reliant, to grow and raise and make the things we needed. We wanted to spend more time together and have something that we were all apart of. Is it perfect? No. Is it hard? Definitely. Do we regret it? Not in a million years.  

Local meat raised naturally.

Little Fork is a grass-based, multi-species livestock operation currently producing eggs, broilers, pork, lamb, and beef in Boundary Country near Greenwood, BC. 

How to Find Us


Thanks for a great season at the market! See you April 2021!

Little Fork Store

Winter Hours:

 By appointment only.

Please call 250-899-9611 or email onthelittlefork@gmail.com to arrange a time.

Meat Drop

All year-round, we bring online orders to Penticton for pickup or delivery.


Little Fork Ranch

2325 Boundary Creek Road

Greenwood, BC V0H 1J0


(250) 899-9611

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